Harris County Clerk of Court

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Posted on 3/25/2011 9:59:42 AM

During its last session, the Georgia legislature passed a bill imposing a Judicial Operations Fee on civil filings in the State and Superior Courts.  An unintended consequence of this change in the law was that a $125 fee was also imposed on notary public commissions driving the cost for the commission from $37.00 to $162.00.


Over the last three months we have advised members of the public to wait before they renew their notary commission or to delay obtaining their first commission in anticipation of a bill being introduced during the current session to correct this oversight.  Those who were under no immediate need were happy to wait in the hope of significant savings.


As anticipated, HB 41 was introduced this legislative term and has now been signed into law.  Notary Commission fees are once again $37.00.  I now encourage all those citizens who chose to delay obtaining their notary commission to fill out their application online at www.gsccca.org or visit our office for prompt, courteous service.


Stacy K. Haralson

Clerk of Superior Court